How Daily.co works

Save time on every call, and everyone’s happier. Just 3 easy steps:




Get unlimited links – on your own subdomain. Totally custom, in seconds.



Share your link to invite. Just copy and send, easy.


Just click

To join, just click in Chrome. No downloads! Your guests don’t need an account to join.

We take a new approach
so your calls are easier, on brand, and more effective

Easier = Success

Don’t hassle guests with downloads. You waste time, and lose leads. Instead, just click in Chrome with Daily.co. Save time on every call.

Better customization

Older tools limit you to 1 custom link. Or just a subdomain, with numbers for rooms. Your Daily.co links are fully customized, both subdomain and room, so you’re fully on brand. And teammates get their own links!


No downloads

Experience hassle free video conferencing as no downloads are required when using Daily.co.

Start with video calls with a single click and get rid of boring account sign ups.

50 person calls

Be prepared for your key calls as we are the only free 1-click video calls with 50 people and dial in.

See the entire team and build relationships.

International dial-in

Very easy to set up conference calls with international dial-in numbers.

Get free dial-in to more than 25 countries.

Custom, permanent URL

Boost your brand with custom URLs for you and your team mates too.

Every sub-domain created is unique.


Unlimited team rooms available for team mates to set up links on your sub-domain.

Use Team Dashboard to invite or remove members.

Dual screen shares

Two persons can share their screen simultaneously where both the screens will appear side by side.

You also have the option to zoom in on one or both the screens.

Lockable & team rooms

Personalize individual rooms for different meetings on your domain.

Team rooms are highly secure as only team members can click into these meetings.

Instant Google links

Add instant daily links in your Google calendar.

One click on meeting link in calendar available to join meetings.

Android app

You can use the Daily.co on your android device by downloading our android app from Google Play Store.

Start and Join video calls on your Android devices.

Coming soon: Meeting recording

We are coming up with Meeting recording features soon.

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Coming soon: Edge & Safari

Right now available on Google Chrome.

Edge & Safari coming later in this year.

Instant Slack links

Get instant links by just typing /daily in any Slack channel.

Instant links do not require any download or accounts.

Everything you need, in one easy package

Better Video Calls on Your TV

Hardware designed for your TV with features like 2 TV support, always-on, screen sharing on a big screen and more.

See Your Entire Team

No more crowding around a computer cam. See everybody in the room with clear HD quality video and 90-degree field of view.

Better Audio Quality

An external mic with built-in noise-cancelling speaker and omni-directional microphone. 17-foot cables help to cover your entire room.

Everything You Need in One Box

See what’s inside a Daily.co TV package

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